Welcome to the on-line RETAQS' Continuing Training Product.

RETAQS, Inc. can provide Reactor Engineering Continuing Training via the Internet.  This training has been developed as a Reactor Engineering position specific continuing training program to meet the INPO Engineering Support Training requirement.  Instead of sending reactor engineers to generic engineering training, a utility can utilize our program to focus directly on Reactor Engineering issues.  This training is provided on a quarterly basis over the Internet by RETAQS instructors who are qualified reactor engineers with significant operational experience and in-depth knowledge of reactor engineering issues.

The Course:

RETAQS continuing training consists of a slide presentation with an instructor voiceover discussing the scheduled topics.  These lectures are pre-recorded and can be viewed by the student from any Internet connected computer.  The Presentations are a streaming media format and is provided in Windows Media Player format.  Students can ask questions of the instructor via e-mail, or, during normal work hours, via the telephone.  The lectures are designed to last between 2 and 4 hours and can be viewed by the students at their own pace at any time the student chooses.  The students can even take this training from their home using their personal computer over a dial-up connection to the Internet.  It is also possible for the student to view part of the lecture, stop and then resume the lecture at a later time from the point where he/she left off.  Past lectures are also available in an archive for review or for orientation of new Reactor Engineers.  When the lecture has been viewed in it’s entirety, a web based quiz is administered via the Internet.  Once completed, the quiz is automatically graded and the results are provided to the student and the utility’s continuing training coordinator. 

The continuing training lectures are designed to cover topics of current interest and provide a review of past lessons learned.  A typical Reactor Engineering continuing training lecture will include recent industry wide Reactivity Management events, reactor engineering innovations, solutions to reactor engineering related issues implemented at other plants, and a review of selected reactor engineering related training topics.  Reactor engineering topic reviews may include topics from courses taught by RETAQS or requested by continuing training subscribers.  RETAQS always solicits additional topics from its continuing training subscribers prior to development of each continuing training presentation.

The timing of continuing training lectures are designed to cover material that is immediately applicable to the work being prepared or performed by Reactor Engineers.  Specifically, as most plants conduct refueling outages in the fall and spring, continuing training lectures conducted at these times will focus on refueling issues.
The Instructors:

RETAQS has several highly qualified instructors that may be used to develop and present this class.  Each of the instructors has at least 10 years of reactor engineering experience; most have also served in reactor engineering supervision.  Some of the instructors have also served as Chairman of the BWR Owners’ Group’s Reactivity Controls Review Committee. Some have held Senior Reactor Operator’s Licenses at commercial BWR facilities.

Our Instruction Experience:

  • Reactor Engineering Initial and Refresher Instructor for RETAQS Training and Qualification of Reactor Engineers at Commercial Nuclear Stations
  • Subject Matter Expert for Reactor Engineering Training Program at Commercial Nuclear Stations
  • Subject Matter Expert for numerous Licensed Reactor Operator Requalification
  • Initial Qualification Lessons at Commercial Nuclear Stations
  • Adult Education Programs

Material Access:

Plants or utilities can purchase an annual subscription to this continuing training for the use by the utility’s current reactor engineering staff.  This annual subscription includes only the reactor engineering staff.  Access by any other individual is prohibited unless specifically allowed by the subscription.   The continuing training material is only available to a utility while its subscription is current.

To view this presentation, you will need Windows Media Player from Microsoft, an Internet connected computer equipped with a sound card, and speakers or headphones.  For the best performance, version 10 of Windows Media Player is recommended.


Web Based Demo

For those not already subscribed to this service, a demonstration lesson is provided.  To view the demo, simply click on the Demo Button in the upper left corner of this screen.  If after reviewing this demonstration, you are interested in purchasing this service for continuing training, please contact us through our web site. If you were reviewing this material for official continuing training, you would take a web based quiz after you felt comfortable with the material.  If you have questions or comments, please contact Ken Pike (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Thank you for using or evaluating our product.